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If you want to learn how to generate 440 leads per day, watch the video for details. Bring a notebook and take plenty of notes. Listen to the author as he explains about this phenomenal lead generation system. Create and publish your PDFs. Make them go viral. Create a downline of members who will also promote your PDFs. Make lots of money online through a proven system of lead generation.


Here is a partial transcript of the viral PDF generator audio portion, for your convenience:


“Hey!  James Grandstaff here!

In this video, I’m going to show you a simple strategy that my friend, Ann Sieg uses, to get 440 opt-ins per day, for free!”

“That’s right: zero ad cost. And the viral software and template you’ll need to implement this strategy in your business, by the end of the day.”

“So, how’d she do it?”

“Well, she does it by giving away a free 35-page report. But, this isn’t just any old report! It has two of her secrets and this latest report left traces of those secretes. So check this out. Here’s page 41 of that report. Today, nearly two years later, direct links to that download page still generates 440 opt-ins a day. Roughly 160,000 prospects every year.”

“About 9% will make their first purchase within three months. That’s 14,400 new sales with an average first time order of $88. Total revenue: $1,267,200.”

“That’s $36,205 per written page!”

All that form a little report and download page I created in 2007!

“My current time investment? Zero

My cost?  Zero”

“I’m telling you. When I first came across this report I was amazed!”


Ann, please tell me your secrets…

“Alright, so what are the two secrets?”

“Well, first, she offers great content that people want. She also offers giveaway viralrights to everyone who comes across her report, which means they can give it away, they can sell it.  They can use it to build their list. They can do whatever they want. Only thing they can’t do is make changes to the report.”

“And she also gives her customers Branding Rights to the report, so they can earn commissions when the people they share it with make a purchase from the links inside.”

“So, that’s the first secret.”

“And you can create reports, just like this, that promote affiliate products, your own products, or even your own home business opportunity.  They’re cheap to create, and your return on investment (ROI) is higher than any other free traffic generation method in existence.”

“Think about it. This one free report helped this woman build an empire!”

“I don’t know of any other free traffic generation method that they can do that.”

“And, sure. There’s some work involved. But the pay off is tremendous!

– Free traffic and sales

– thousands of people sharing your content

– recognition

– Trust and Credibility

“I mean, the list goes on and on!”


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