Here is a new area for photography buffs!  There are several models of digital cameras on the market.  Surprisingly, the low end models have features that most amateur photographers know little about. My Sony 7.2 megapixel CyberShot includes a macro lens feature that I’ve seldom used, except to see how it works.  Great if you need a good reference photo for a drawing subject, like a dime or penny or bumble bee!  Today, smartphones are a substitute for the traditional SLR models. What better, now, than to have a digital SLR that fits in your pocket. When I upload the snapshots from the pocket-sized Sony CyberShot, it is amazing how clear the photos come out. And how HUGE!  I did say they’re 7.2 MEGA pixels!  Plenty of size enough for resampling down in your image editing software of choice. Don’t forget the video feature.  I got that on the CyberShot and they are not bad for short video clips.

I also mentioned MACRO lens photography.  This one is for nature lovers, forensics lab CSI technicians on the go. Some of the smallest details are amply magnified with this feature.


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