Digital SLR Lessons For Beginners

How would you like to learn the subtleties of digital SLR cameras?  How about Digital SLR Lessons to get you going? Single-Lens Reflex cameras have been around for decades. Except for professional photographers and serious hobbyists, SLR camera techniques could appear daunting to the novice. Here we have an opportunity, in the form of a user guide, created by a man for whom this is his passion. You’re in for a treat!

How to improve your photography in a few simple steps

Mobile phone? Digital SLR? Compact camera? Improve your photography, no matter what camera you use, with these sure-fire digital photography tips

Digital SLR Lessons

Digital SLR LessonsHi, I’m Darrell Payne.

digital photography is wonderful – endless opportunities to take perfect pictures.

It’s been my passion for over twenty years.

And yet I meet frustrated photographers every day. They have the equipment they need, but lack the knowledge to put that equipment to good use.

Maybe this sounds familiar . . . you love photography. You want to take great pictures but you feel your photos are a little, how can I say this, a little ‘average’?

So how do you improve photography? The key is technique. No matter what camera you’re using, better photography technique = better photos.

I’ll show you how to take sensational pictures every time you press the shutter – my guide is comprehensive and contains everything you need. I’ll have you taking amazing photos in no time at all!

And the best part? Even if you use a basic compact camera, or even just your mobile phone, the photography techniques I’ll share with you will get you taking incredible photos, time after time.


Your First Digital SLR Lessons


Improve photography step 1: understanding your camera is the key to better photos

Digital SLR Lessons

All photos by Darrell Payne

It really helps to know what your camera is doing (even what it’s thinking!) when it takes a photo.

It’s easy to understand, and, with this knowledge you can make your camera work for you.

My complete photography guide gives you the essential knowledge to put those electronics to good use so that you can be taking better photos in no time at all.

Understanding the terminology is a powerful way to fast track your photography …

With knowledge there’s power. That’s why my ebook contains a comprehensive section on digital photography terminology – helping you improve photography from the ground up.

It helps you to fully understand your camera – and that means you’ll be taking stunning pictures that will make your friends and family gasp in amazement!

Improve photography step 2: photography skills to ensure you take amazing photos every time


Digital SLR Lessons As you begin to build your photography knowledge you’ll be onto the next step – and here my guide takes you through the photography basics that virtually guarantee stunning photos every time.

My photography guide shows you how to adjust the settings on your camera so that your pictures will look more professional.

Here’s just one example – a clear and thorough explanation of what depth of field is and why it’s important in your photography.

I’ll show you how to take control of the depth of field which will instantly improve your photography.

You’ll soon be taking photos that have a wonderful, professional, look and feel.

And there’s more . . .  in these Digital SLR Lessons . . .
Digital SLR Lessons

I’m including a second guide to help you improve photography – absolutely FREE! (usual price $17)


Some lesson work we get from good guidance can be a strong impulse to get you moving forward into success. This SLR Digital Guide is just that!  Take these Digital SLR Lessons and you will see what I mean. Good training is essential to mastering SLR cameras. Gradually, you will notice the difference over time. You will scan through a stack of photos, if you printed them and see the improvements.


12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos . . . through Digital SLR Lessons

This second guide (usual price $17 check current price on Amazon) included for you for absolutely FREE, will show you how to build on the skills you have learnt from the Digital SLR Guide. I’ll show you exactly how to take photos that you’ll be framing for the wall.

Digital SLR Lessons There’s so much to discover in this second book:

And a lot more besides! “12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos” uses example photos so that you can clearly and easily identify better photography techniques.

By learning from the other photographers in this book you learn how to take better photos and improve your photography skills fast.


Improve photography step 3: essential image editing skills that will make your photos really shine

Actually taking the photos is the first step to great photography.

Once you’ve captured the image (and using the skills you have learnt the composition will already be excellent!) a bit of what the professionals call ‘post-processing’ will really make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Free image editing software?

Digital SLR LessonsWith that in mind I’ve included in this offer a third book – the “Image Editing Software Guide” absolutely FREE (usual price $11).

It’s easy to follow with lots of screenshots, and the techniques can be learnt by anyone.

This book, which usually retails at $11 (check current price on Amazon) but FREE for you, equips every photographer with the vital skills to effectively tweak their photos for maximum impact. Easy techniques that improve the look of virtually any photo you take.

And with the knowledge of these simple techniques you’ll be improving your photos in less than 60 seconds!

You’ll learn:

  • where to get your hands on 6 free image editing programs – including top-notch software that is more than a match for Photoshop
  • A review of the programs so that you can choose the software that’s best for you – saving you time trialling them all yourself
  • A walk through of the image editing photography basics – it’s easy to master these and you’ll be improving your photos within 60 seconds!
  • How to airbrush a photo to enhance your images further

Improve photography step 4: Extra Free Bonuses learn how easily your camera can generate an extra income

Digital SLR LessonsYou already know that these guides represent the perfect package for all photographers.

It’s beautifully written and everything is explained in clear simple terms so that you can concentrate on taking photos and save time deciphering jargon.

Knowledge of your camera helps, and so does knowledge of photography composition. That’s why I’ve included “12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos” in the package FREE, saving you $17 and helping you take better photos.

And with the “Image Editing Software Guide” included too you will know how to perk up your photos once they’ve left your camera, also FREE saving you a further $11.

In this package you have everything you need – from the first click
of the shutter to the finished print:

  • How to use your camera, including advice on the extra kit that really makes a difference to your photography, from “The Complete Digital SLR Guide” (value – $19)
  • With your camera in your hand you have the knowledge from “12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos” (value – $17, FREE to you today) to make sure the photos you take are photographic masterpieces.
  • Once you’ve taken the photos you will know how to bring them to life with the “Image Editing Software Guide” (value $11, FREE to you today)

So you have everything you need to take photos that are real stunners. Photos that will amaze your friends and family.

Another bonus. “How easily could this turn your camera into extra income?

I’ve teamed up with a great photographer who knows all about the photography business – Dan Fieldman.

Digital SLR Lessons Dan’s written plenty of books on how to start a successful photography business.

I’m adding to your package Dan’s three part eBook “Turn Photos Into Cash”

You get Dan’s years of expertise. Tips, tricks and advice for the budding photographer including:

All adds up to quite a package!


Improve photography step 5: Final Step!
invest in my photography guides

Digital SLR Lessons

Invest now in my photography guides and you get the best value package for digital photographers.
Included in the complete package is:


  • The Complete Digital SLR Guide
  • 12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos
  • Photo Editing Software Guide
  • AND how you can Turn Photos Into Cash – triple guide
  • Total value $47, for you only $19!


Taking Digital SLR Lessons is worth the price of this Digital SLR Guide. You know how, at times, you don’t get an adequate user manual for equipment you have bought. It’s written in a technical language that is unfamiliar with all its jargon. If You are serious about improving your photographic results, then Digital SLR Lessons are the way to go!

Let’s face it. Cameras are expensive. Not knowing what you should to operate it, other than to aim and click is not enough. You will soon lose interest in your SLR camera. Getting into Digital SLR Lessons will sustain you in the long run. Taking it one lesson in a reasonable set schedule will keep you motivated to achieve mastery of your camera.