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You have your home office setup, your desktop workstation. All set to go. What about mailing paraphernalia? You look in your drawer. Do you have customized stamps with your address, company or home business logo . . . What about signs and badges for your staff?  At getStamps, you won’t be disappointed at the array of available custom products they provide.


Get custom products designed for the company and home office.

Personalized Rubber Stamps - High Quality!



Online shop for personalized rubber stamps

custom productsThe shop offers a wide range of stamps to suit the needs of both businesses and individuals. They can be personalized easily with your own text or logo and are available with text, date or numbers. We also provide replacement ink cartridges to further extend the life of your product. In our offer you find easy to use self-inking rubber stamps, however, we also supply a range of pre-inked stamps, ink pads, stamping ink, embossing seals as well as signs and badges. We just supply the highest quality brands, manufactured in compliance with environmental standards using a high percentage of recycled plastics.



We offer a full range of self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps, customized to suit your personal needs. Our product range offers a selection of stamps that can be used for both office and personal use. Upload your ready design or customize your stamp online. In the Trodat Printy range you will find different combinations of size and color that can be used for many applications.



custom productsCustom self-inking rubber date stamps are also available with rotating date bands. Customized daters allow you to leave a date on documents alongside the personalized text of your choice. Choosing your custom date stamps is simple. For everyday office use, choose the Trodat Printy line, the 4729 and 4726 are two of our most popular sizes. For heavy-duty or significant use, choose the Trodat Professional line with sizes available up to a massive 85 mm x 55 mm (54110).



custom productsPersonalized name badges or engraved signs for use by customer facing staff in restaurants, pubs, hotels, coffee shops, airports, to display name and the company logo to leave a lasting and professional impression on your customers. We can manufacture in any quantity from a single name badge to a the 10,000’s required by a large national chain. We can offer a variety of types and styles, either a simple two engraved badge with name and logo, to the more elaborate domed version. With variety of fixings and numerous colors of material available we can also offer full color printed badges with or without polyurethane domes. Also, you will find a range of engraved signs for the use in your office.

High Quality Embossing Seals for Lawyers, Notaries, Engineers, Government officials and corporations.


custom productsTheir high quality and durability make Trodat Ideal embossing stamps the world’s leaders. They are a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials, guaranteeing clean impressions with minimal effort. The improved leverage of the model ‘M’ and ‘Pocket No. 1’ ensure clean, crisp impressions with little effort. Clean impressions Trodat Ideal seal presses are optimized to achieve the crispest impressions. That’s what makes them so popular with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials worldwide. Highest Durability Trodat Ideal seal presses have an extremely high durability due to the use of high quality materials and precision workmanship.


Word & Phrase Stamps

custom productsIncoming mail received, invoice paid, document checked – Trodat Word & Phrase stamps organise every desk in the blink of an eye with important annoations. These multiword stamps combine 12 commonly used texts in business with the date or are available as dial-a-phrase stamp only. For repetitive and heavy duty, choose the Professional stamp and for every day use, at home, in the office and on the move, Trodat Printy stamps offer the features needed. Of course, all Trodat Word and Phrase stamps are climate-neutral as standard and thus protect our environment and climate.


getStamps is a world of custom products for office work and mailing solutions.

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